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Unlimit Yourself

Unlimit Yourself

Passion, Limits and Success!

Yayınevi: Alfa Yayınları
Cilt Durumu: Ciltsiz
Sayfa Sayısı: 145
Ebat: 13,5 X 19,5
Barkod: 9786051062785
Stok Durumu: Stokta Var
16,00₺ %35 İndirim 10,40₺

Unlimit Yourself

Success is when you astonish yourself
With your own achievements.

A step beyond your achievements,
What awaits you?

How are the limits of human
Success defiend?

How can person determine what is and what isn’t achievable?
To what extent should we push our limits?
In search of an answer to that question, this book draws on a wealth of sources,
From the ancient Greek philosophers to American business gurus,
From traditional Indian fables to Chinese sages.
The author employs Eastern wisdom and Western techniques
To help the reader discover the boundless limits of human success.
If you’d like to soar on the wings of your own mind,
This book will help you discover endless opportunities
For success by teaching you to push your limits.
- Great success comes from the heart,
develops in the brain and is brought to life by the hands.
- Escaping from a cage doesn’t mean freedom, eliminating our inner cage does.
- If loyalty to outhers has become a betrayal to your capacity for success, it’s time to move on.
- While you’re alive, you’ll be judged by your latest achievement;
when you’re dead, you’ll be remembered for your greates achievement.

Basim Tarihi: 21.10.2010
Son Basim Tarihi: 19.01.2016
Kaçıncı Baskı: 3.Baskı
Yayın Dili: İngilizce
Orijinal Dili: Türkçe
Kapak Türü: Karton
Kağıt Türü: 1. Hamur
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